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Bulky, expensive and robust physical desktops are rapidly becoming obsolete.  Cloud Desktops are challenging the physical boundaries of computers while still maintaining the personal appearance and settings you’re accustomed to.

Cloud Desktops lower overall technology costs and enhance efficiency and productivity.  With Cloud Desktops, your computer is in the cloud.  What you see on your monitor is just a virtual image of the processing happening off-site.

Benefits of Cloud Desktops:

  • Hardware: Can run on any internet-connected device and requires only a thin-client (ex: access your desktop from an iPad).  Preferred to having the OS running local to a machine (which requires an expensive/robust workstation with unnecessary surplus of processing power).
  • Software: Software runs in the cloud, no need to buy per workstation licensing (ex: Windows, Office, Adobe, etc.)
  • Elasticity: Ability to increase/decrease processing power infinitely, as needed (as opposed to increasing via purchase of additional memory; limited)
  • Reduced Management Costs: Cloud Desktop support is obsolete, whereas physical desktops require management and, in the event of failure, may need to be rebuilt
  • OS Compatibility: Cloud Desktops make your Operating System (OS) completely agnostic of the hardware you are running it on, enabling you to run any OS on any internet connected device.
  • Remote Access: Because your Cloud Desktop can be accessed from anywhere in the world –you have ultimate flexibility in your workspace.
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